Creating a new data connection

Modified on Tue, 05 Jul 2022 at 10:48 PM

Connections are a core part of the platform that allow us to collect the data from your systems to build reports and boards. We'll walk you through how to create connections.


Permission info

Only system admins have the ability to create new connections. If you wish to setup a new connection, but do not see the "configurations" module in the module selection bar, contact you system admin.

Creating a new connection

To setup a new connection:

  1. Navigate to the configurations module in module selection

  2. Confirm the connection you want to setup, hasn't already been setup
  3. Open the "Connections" sub-menu

  4. Click the "create new connection" button

  5. Follow the system-specific requirements for the connection
    1. METRC (Link to article) 
    2. Leaflink (Link to article) 
  6. Click "Save"

Important note about integrations 

Please note: new connections may take upwards of 4-5 hours for the data sync to complete. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed this process up, as the systems (not Appature) have limits in place for how quickly you can pull their data. You will receive an email when Appature has completed the initial data sync

Future data syncs, where the system only syncs new data from the previous day / half day, only take minutes to seconds; it is only the initial data sync that can take several hours. 

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