Managing your organization

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There are several ways an admin can customize and manage their organization within Appature. This article will go over the different customization options.



The customization options listed below are only available to users with the "admin" role. All options are within the "Configuration" module. 

Change Logo

Admins can change the logo for their organization. The image chosen will then appear in the upper-left corner of all screens within Appature. To change the logo image:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration module

  2. Select "Organization" from the Configuration sub-module

  3. On the left side of the main section of the screen, press the "Change logo" button
  4. A file explorer will pop out.  Select an appropriate image file from your local drive. Guidelines for the file:
    1. Try to stick to an image size no bigger than 200 px X 200 px
    2. Keep the file size to 1 mb or smaller

  5. Once the file is selected, click the "Open" button on the file explorer

  6. You should see the image in the "logo" box. You may need to refresh your screen to see it appear in the upper right corner


If your logo does not appear after a browser refresh, try clearing the cache of your browser.

Company and contact info

In the middle of the of the main section of the Configuration > Organization submodule screen is company and contact info. 

Company info

To edit any of the fields in the company info block, simply click into the fields and directly edit them, then press the green "save changes" button in the lower right corner. 

  1. Company: the name of your company and how Appature and Broadleaf employees will refer to your company
  2. Address: the street / mailing address of your organization. 
  3. Country: the country your organization is located in. Appature currently only operates in the United States
  4. State: the state associated with the chosen street / mailing address
  5. City: City associated with the street address
  6. Zip code: zip code associated with the address
  7. Language: Currently Appature only offers English, but in the future you will be able to select different languages

Contact info

Contact info will be used if someone at Broadleaf or Appature need to reach out to the organization. The primary contact info is automatically populated by the user who creates the account for the entire organization. To edit any primary contact info, simply click into and directly edit the field, then click the green "save changes" button in the lower right corner

  1. Primary contact: first and last name of the primary contact
  2. Email: Email associated with the primary contact user
  3. Phone number: phone number for the primary contact user

Change color

Appature has the ability to have the overall color scheme changed. Please note, that changing the primary color scheme will change it for everyone at your org, not just the user making the change. 

To change the color, simply click the color block for the new color scheme. It will change instantly. Click the green "save changes" button to update it for all users.

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