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In this article we'll discuss the different ways to navigate across Appature


Page Elements

Appature has 4 page elements:

  1. Module Menu / header
  2. Module sub-menu
  3. Main section
  4. Help menu

Module Menu Overview

At the top of the page is the Module Menu. The module menu will always be present, regardless of what page you are on. Depending on the level of access granted by your organization, you'll find in the following options:

  • Boards
  • Reports
  • Configurations

On the far right you'll see: 

  • User profile

To navigate to any of those pages, simply click the name of the section that you wish to navigate to. Boards, reports, and configurations will all take you to new pages. Clicking on your name will pop out the user sub-menu:

Module sub-menu

After navigating to the appropriate page, the left-hand nav panel will change to a submenu specific to main section of Appature you are on. 

Once on a page, each submenu / left-hand nav will remain present, until you navigate to a new Appature module. 

Selecting any item in a sub-menu will cause the content in the Main Section to change to what was selected. 

At the bottom of the sub-menu bar is a left-arrow button: 

Clicking the left arrow will cause the sub-menu to collapse, making the Main Section larger. You can re-expand the sub-menu by clicking the right arrow: 

Any time you go to a new module via the Module Menu header, the sub-menu will always start expanded. 

Main Section

The main section is where content of the module and sub-module selection is displayed. Typically, this will either be a board, report, or configuration page. 

This is the part of the screen where you will interact with the various types of content from Appature modules.

Help Menu

The "help" button in the corner will expand the help menu. Here you can find, and search for help articles or submit a support ticket. 

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