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The report action menu provides several functions for sharing and using reports. This article will explain the different options available in the menu



The report action menu is located in the upper right corner of the main section of the report module when viewing a report:

Image 1: the view of a report open in the main section of the report module, with the action menu highlighted

Each item in the action menu is a button that, when pressed, performs a different action


The first icon, the star, is the "Favorite" button. Pressing this will add the report to the "Favorite reports" section of the report sub-module section. Pressing it again will remove it from favorites. By default all reports are "unfavorited".

If the button is white with a purple star, the report has been favorited.

Image 2: The "favorite report" button, in the "favorited" state

If the button is purple with a white star, the report has NOT been favorited. 

Image 3: The "favorite report" button, in the "unfavorited" state


The PDF will create and download a PDF version of the current report you are viewing.

Image 4: The "create pdf" button

Image 5: an example of the pdf generated by the "create pdf" button on the report action menu


The CSV will create and download a CSV file of the underlying data that makes up the report you are currently viewing.

Image 6: The "create CSV" button


The Share button is used to share the report with other members of your organization. 

Image 6: The "Share report" button

Action sub-menu

The action sub-menu button allows you to access additional actions not already present in the report action menu. 

Currently, there is only one additional action, duplicate report, which will create a copy of the report you are currently viewing. Future actions will be placed in this menu. 

Image 7: The "action sub-menu" button

Image 8: The action sub-menu button expanded

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