Common data questions

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Depending on a number of factors, parts of your data may look off, or incomplete. Below is a list of common data questions or issues along with answers and explanations


My harvest / yield data seems off

If it appears that harvests are missing from certain reports (harvest report) or if your historical yields / strain averages seem off from what you have previously experienced, it could be due to a few issues:

  • If a recent harvest appears to be missing from a report, its because we are filtering the data for "finished" harvests, where the harvest has a finished date from METRC
  • Appature calculates a harvest "process" for each harvest - either fresh frozen or cured. We consider a harvest a fresh frozen harvest when there is 0 water loss logged in METRC. If there is any waterloss when the harvest is finished, we consider it "cured". 
    • If your team has been manually zeroing out water loss as "physical waste", instead of letting METRC automatically log the waterloss, then you may have harvests incorrectly flagged as fresh frozen. 
    • If your team takes some of the plants from the harvest for fresh frozen, but logs the weight as part of the same harvest as "cured", it could skew the data

I'm not seeing all my mom plants

METRC doesn't have the concept of a "mom plant" only a "source" for clone batches. If you commonly flip clone batches from one license to another, instead of having a mom plant as the source, the flipped clone batch will now have the package as its source.

We have an algorithm that will look for clone batches of the exact same size and strain, created within a few days of each other, to identify a batch that got flipped. However, METRC's API doesn't let us clearly see what contents were in a package, so our algorithm might not pick up every flip. For example, we may miss clone license flips where:

  • The delay between flipping the clones between licenses is too long
  • You bring clones in from an outside source
  • You only flip a portion of a clone batch, not all of it

We are also unable to detect when tagged plants get flipped to a new license and retagged.

I don't see any Cultivation / Processing / Sales data from METRC

If you are missing an entire set of data from a license, it is likely because the API key or keys used for your METRC data do not have access to that license. To rectify, follow our guide for setting up a METRC connection.

I'm seeing duplicate strains in some of my reports

Duplicate strain names appearing in data only occurs when there is a slight misspelling that causes the names to not be exact matches.

Example: You may see SFV and SFV #4 and know that they are the same strain, but because of the difference in names, they will appear as different strains in all strain-based reports. If you wish for their data to be rolled together, you need to change the strain name in METRC. See our METRC Best Practices guide for more details.

I've drilled down on a report and I don't know how to undo it

In the upper left corner of the report, you'll find the "breadcrumbs" of the report, that show you what filters / drill down's you've added. Simply click the bread crumbs until you get back to the correct data set. 


The user was viewing a report of plant count by strain. They have drilled down to see plant count of Snoop Dawg by license grown under. To go back to the view with all strains, the user should click the "strain_name" in the upper left corner (highlighted by the red box). This will remove the drill down.

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