The Harvest Report

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The Harvest Report is a powerful tool to help you understand every harvest you've ever had, logged in METRC. We'll discuss every element of this report, including how to narrow to a specific set of results.


Harvest Report Contents

The harvest report is a table-view report that, by default, will contain every harvest from the past week. The table has the following columns, where each row represents a separate harvest batch:

  • Harvest: The name of the harvest pulled from METRC
  • Strain: name of the strain that was harvested
  • Flower room: the room the plants were in when harvested
  • Harvest start: the date the harvest was logged in METRC
  • Plants: number of plants harvested
  • Waterloss: Total amount of the wet weight that was logged as waterloss, in pounds
  • Harvest weight: The total wet weight of the harvest
  • Average weight / plant: Total usable weight (includes a combo of flower and shake/trim) divided by the number of plants harvested
  • Harvest process: Wether the harvest was fresh frozen or went through a curing process. Any harvest that doesn't have any waterloss is considered fresh frozen
  • Failed tests: Total number of failed tests against any packages created from the source harvest
  • Total tests: total number of tests against all packages created from the source harvest
  • THC percentage: average result of all the total THC tests across all packages related to the source harvest

By default, the harvest report will show all harvests. You can modify this by using the date filter, and then further modify by additional filters. 

To modify the date filters:

  1. Navigate to the top of the report where the filter bar is located
    Example of the filter bar above a report

  2. Use the date filters
    1. Option 1: Use the pre-built filters to quickly see harvests from:
      1. Today
      2. Yesterday
      3. Last 7 days
      4. Last 30 days
      5. Last 3 months
      6. Last 6 months
      7. Last 12 months

        Note: the "default" option for the harvest report is the last 7 days
    2. Option 2: Set a custom date range
      1. Hit the "Custom" button

      2. Select a starting date and end date
      3. The report will automatically apply the date filter once you select the end date

NOTE: not all data about a harvest may be immediately available. For example, the THC% will not be available until the test results have been posted in METRC. 

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