Navigating Boards

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In this article we'll discuss navigating around the Boards sub-menu, and the different types of boards. For creating a new board, see this article: Creating a new board 


General Navigation

All of the navigation within the Boards module is done within the left-hand nav sub-menu:

Boards module sub-menu

With exception to the "Home Board", each sub-menu item can be expanded to show multiple entries. To expand each sub-menu item, click the down-arrow on the right of the item. Clicking the arrow again (now an up-arrow) will cause the section to collapse. 

Example of the "Favorite Boards" sub-menu expanded

NOTE: only one sub-menu section can be expanded at any time. Clicking on a sub-menu item to expand while another is open will cause the previously open one to close. 

Home Board

The Home Board is the "home page" you will see whenever you log into Appature, and will be the default board displayed when you navigate to the Boards module. You can only have 1 (one) board set as your home board at any given time.

Favorite Boards

Any board you have access to can be favorited. All favorited boards appear under the "Favorite Boards" sub-menu. NOTE: there is no limit to the number of boards you can favorite, but navigation may become more difficult if you favorite more than 10.

To favorite a board:

  1. Navigate to the board and open it in the Main Section
  2. Go to the upper-right corner of the board page, to the action toolbar
  3. Click the "star" button

  4. The color of the star will turn purple, and the box around the star will turn white, indicating the board has been favorited

  5. The board will immediately appear in the favorites sub-menu

To remove a board from your favorites list:

  1. Navigate to the favorited board
  2. go to the action toolbar
  3. Press the star / favorite button, so the star goes back to white / box purple

My Boards

My Boards holds all boards that you, the logged in user, have created. Any board you create is automatically added to this section, regardless of whether you also favorite it or not. The only way to remove a board from the "My Boards" sub-module is by deleting the board. See this article on How to delete a board 

Canned Boards

Canned boards will show you all of the boards that are published by Broadleaf for all Appature users. Canned boards cannot be removed. 

Global Boards

Global boards are boards that have been created by an Appature administrator at your organization, and published them to everyone at the org. Global boards cannot be removed by anybody except for a system admin. 

Shared with me

Boards under "shared with me" are boards that someone at your org has created, and shared with you (the logged in user). Boards under Shared with me cannot be removed unless you are the user that created the board. 

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