Fresh Frozen

Modified on Wed, 06 Jul 2022 at 12:42 AM

Fresh frozen is a term used in many places in Appature. This article will explain the term and how its calculated. 



Fresh frozen is a term used by growers for when plants are harvested, and immediately flash frozen in their "wet" weight. Sometimes there is also a light trim that occurs, but more importantly, there do not go through any kind of drying or trimming process. Fresh frozen is typically done when the plants are going to be processed for THC distillate or undergo other forms of lab processing. 


How does Appature "calculate" whether a harvest is fresh frozen? Appature looks at harvest batches and evaluates how much waterloss occurred on the batch. If any amount of waterloss is logged, even a very, very small amount, we consider it a "cured" harvest, as waterloss can only occur through a drying/curing process. 

If the harvest batch only has physical waste logged, but not water waste / waterloss, then we will flag it as fresh frozen. 

If it appears that harvests have been inappropriately flagged as fresh frozen or vise-versa, please check the records of those harvests and verify their waste was input correctly. 

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