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This report will provide details on the Active plant valuation report. It will detail the report's intent, assumptions used, filters applied to the underlying data, and any calculations used.


Report Definition

Active plant valuation is a table report thats shows estimated bulk yield of upcoming harvests, and their potential value if the estimated yield was sold for the average bulk flower wholesale price.

Report intent

Each row of this table represents an expected harvest. An expected harvest is a grouping of plants that all have the same:

  • Strain
  • Growth phase
  • License
  • Location
  • Planted date

For each expected harvest, we display the following information:

  • Strain: as listed in METRC
  • Growth phase: immature, vegetative, or flowering
  • Location: the current location of the plants
  • License: the license the plant grouping is growing under
  • Current plants: A count of the total number of plants currently alive in the expected harvest
  • Plants at harvest: an estimate of the number of plants that will be harvested, based on the attrition rate of the plants currently in that phase
    • Attrition rate is the percentage of plants that are expected to make it through the current growth phase, based on historical results
    • Attrition rate is strain - specific; if the strain has never been grown before, we use the average of all strains
    • Attrition rate is both strain and phase specific. For example, we would expect to see anywhere from a 10%-50% attrition rate for the expected harvests in the "immature" phase, but would expect a <1% attrition rate for the expected harvests in flowering
  • Projected harvest: an estimate the plants are expected to be harvested, based on the average time-to-harvest of the strain and the plant group's "Planted" date
  • Projected usable material: The estimated total bulk yield (both flower and shake/trim) of the expected harvest, based on the strain's yield per plant historical average and the number of plants in the "Plants at Harvest" column
  • 50% / 60% / 70% Flower: Because Appature is currently unable to see and calculate the break down of flower vs shake trim on harvests, we provide these columns to approximate the flower yield. The price per pound used to get the value in these columns is the last-30 day average of all bulk-flower sales registered in Leaflink


This report makes no assumptions about pheno hunting or mother plants. Any "active" plant will be considered for a potential harvest. 


Only active plants and plant batches are considered. Additionally, when calculating the average bulk price to use for the valuation, only the last 30 days of bulk flower sales are used. 


  • Average bulk flower price: Appature takes the Average per-pound price of all bulk flower sales, last 30 days
  • Projected usable material is calculated by:
    • [Plants at harvest] x [strain historical average yield per plant]
  • The "valuation" columns are calculated with the following formula:
    (Projected usable material) x (0.5 OR 0.6 OR 0.7) x (30-day average per-pound bulk flower price)

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