Average THC by strain by month

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct 2022 at 02:19 PM

This report will provide details on the Average THC by strain location by month. It will detail the report's intent, assumptions used, filters applied to the underlying data, and any calculations used.


Report Definition

Average THC by strain location by month is a multi-line report pulling data from METRC test results and harvest batches.

Report intent

This report allows users to see the average THC of all test results from all harvests from each strain, by month. 


This report assumes:

  • The strain of the plants is determined by the strain on the harvest batch the tests are associated with
  • THC test results are only considered for METRC product categories of "buds" and "shake/trim", no other product types are considered
  • Only "Total THC (%) Raw plant material" is considered for raw plant material test results


All test results are considered, but no harvest batches are considered if they have no test results. 


Average THC is calculated by taking every unique instance of the Total THC % Raw plant material test and taking its average. 

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