Average veg time

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct 2022 at 02:31 PM

This report will provide details on the Average veg time report. It will detail the report's intent, assumptions used, filters applied to the underlying data, and any calculations used.


Report Definition

Average veg time is a card report that pulls data from the plants table in METRC

Report intent

This report allows users to see the overall average veg time across all strains and veg rooms displayed as a number of days, with the ability to filter for specific veg rooms or strains.


This report relies on accurate plant data. If room moves and plant tagging are entered at incorrect dates, the times will not be accurate. 


Only plants complete the "vegetative phase",  are considered, meaning plants that have been moved to the flowering phase with a "Flower date" that is not null


Average veg time is calculated by first taking only plants that have been in veg. If a plant did not get moved to flower, it is not considered for average veg time.

For each plant that has been moved to flower, we calculate the number of days it spent in veg by calculating the difference in days between the "vegetative date" and the "flowering date"

The report then takes an average of all the "vegetative days" from all plants that qualify. 

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